Red Dragon

Put a Dragon to work on your next burn Product Description The Red Dragon is a helicopter-mounted device that is used to dispense aerial spheres that ignite controlled or prescribed burns. Its primary function is to inject a measured amount of ethylene glycol into Dragon Eggs (which starts a timed exothermic reaction). Then, the dispenser shoots the …

Green Dragon

Revolutionary new ground launcher for use in controlled burns Product Description The Green Dragon is an automated ground launcher designed and engineered for use in wildfire and land management applications such as back burns or prescribed burning. Its design represents a brand new concept for ground ignition applications using CO2 or compressed air as a …

PowerFill Torrentula

Fill to capacity in seconds from water sources as shallow as 18 inches! About the PowerFill Torrentula™ The PowerFill Torrentula takes the same function of the PowerFill Snorkel and places it internally inside the Torrentula Valve, allowing it to fill to capacity in seconds. Using a combination of multiple pumps, this bottom-filling technology provides fill …

PowerFill Snorkel

Fill from water sources as shallow as 18 inches! About PowerFill™ Technology Bambi PowerFill technology is one of the most sought after add-on accessories for the Bambi Bucket product line. During fire season, especially today, with extended drought conditions; many existing natural water sources, such as rivers, creeks, stream beds and alpine meadows are too …

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