Remote Power Supply for Torrentula Bucket

Independent, portable power supply for Torrentula Valve Bambi Buckets About the Torrentula Remote Power Supply This remote power supply is a 24V SLA, fully enclosed battery pack designed as an independent, portable and reliable power source for the operation of all Torrentula Valve Bambi Buckets. This design allows the bucket to be operated independently of …

PowerFill MAX

Fill to capacity in seconds from water sources as shallow as 18 inches! About the PowerFill MAX The PowerFill Max takes the same function of the PowerFill Snorkel and places it internally inside the Bambi Max Valve, allowing it to fill to capacity in seconds. Using a combination of multiple pumps, this bottom-filling technology provides …

Mobility Sled

Roll on, winch and go! About the Mobility Sled Convenient one-person operation with a rugged, lightweight design. Easy to steer and brake, the four-wheeled aluminum mobility sled comes equipped with 16” (40.6 cm) pneumatic tires, a tow bar, a skid and winch system, and can be quickly dismantled for shipping. Compatible with Bambi Bucket models …


Reduce foam usage and increase coverage on fires with the Bambi Firesock About the Firesock The Firesock, when attached to the bottom of a Bambi Bucket, makes the bucket a more effective tool by providing dramatically improved coverage and suppression capabilities. Its simple design allows for improved coverage and increased drop accuracy as well as wider and …

Sacksafoam Plus

Increase your aerial foam storage capacity! About the Sacksafoam Plus™ The Sacksafoam Plus is a fully enclosed reserve tank for the Sacksafoam Heli-Case injection systems. The Sacksafoam Plus allows for more foam storage, consisting of two 20 gallon tanks. Designed for helicopters equipped with large Bambi Buckets (models BB5566 to HL9800), the Sacksafoam Plus helps maximize firefighting …

Sacksafoam Heli-Case

Aerial foam dispenser for specific Bambi Bucket sizes About the Sacksafoam Heli-Case™ The Sacksafoam Heli-Case foam injection system transfers and dispenses aerial firefighting foam and is specially designed to be utilized with Bambi Buckets. This model is self-contained and designed to prevent foam from contacting the helicopter. The Sacksafoam Heli-Case dispensing pump is operated by …

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