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Fireflex Pumpkin Tank ™

When access to water is limited, this tank saves the day

About the Pumpkin Tank

This rugged, lightweight, multi-purpose tank shines in every arena. Whether it’s used for ground fire-fighting, for aerial operations or as a reservoir/relay tank, the self-supporting Pumpkin Tank gets the job done.

Designed for compatibility with the Bambi Bucket, the Pumpkin Tank is the standard in helicopter bucketing operations. Built with the knowledge of what works in the field, the water in this tank is deep enough for full Bambi Bucket dips every time. The Pumpkin Tank also serves as a portable water reservoir for fire departments and forest fire control agencies.

When access to natural water supply is limited, the Pumpkin Tank can step in – whatever the application.



  • Extra large diameter open top for easy helicopter bucket filling
  • Unique flotation collar design, no inflation required
  • Self-supporting, with a closed-cell foam collar that resists any ‘sinking’
  • Compact and simple to use, no frame or parts to assemble
  • Rugged industrial fabric that is mold and mildew resistant
  • Multi-point tie down system for protection from rotor wash
  • Easy discharge through a standard 3″ NPT outlet
  • Models/sizes available to suit all helicopter buckets
  • Portable and compact size, meaning the tank is perfect in remote areas
  • The frameless construction provides minimal time for setup by one or two people
  • Flotation collar hugs the surface of the water ensuring no overflow


Add-Ons and Accessories

  • Ball valves/fittings
  • Ground pads
  • Transport bags
  • Repair kits
  • Secondary internal impact pads available for large size tanks
  • Drainage outlets: 1” to 6” NPT


Ground Applications

For ground operations, firefighters can use the Pumpkin Tank as an emergency water reservoir or as a readily available water source during prescribed burning. The self-supporting Pumpkin Tank is easy to fill from the nearest water source. In remote areas, the Pumpkin Tank can be filled by pumping water from natural sources such as streams and lakes or via helicopters using Bambi Buckets.


Aerial Applications

When access to water supply is otherwise limited, pilots, who are heli-bucketing, can quickly fill their buckets from a Pumpkin Tank and proceed to the fire site. The Pumpkin Tank can be replenished with water while the pilot ferries between the water source and the fire site, thereby maximizing valuable helicopter time.


Other Applications

  • Water relay tank
  • Long or short-term water storage
  • Protection of urban interface exposures


Important Note

If using your tank exclusively for mixing foams and/or retardants, please use the Fireflex Hazmat Tank™.

If potable drinking water storage is required, please use the Onion Tank™.



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