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Bambi MAX™

Maximize every drop with the new Bambi MAX

About the Bambi MAX™

The Bambi MAX features a lightweight, low power draw, quick operating multiple drop valve that increases volume per drop through a fuel cycle, requires less maintenance and offers reliability you can depend on.

The ability to pre-select loads allows efficiency at both the dip site and over multiple hot spots which can be targeted by releasing portions of water over each one. The helicopter operator can also choose to unload as many separate drops as required. Manual load control is standard in every Bambi MAX.

Greater efficiency on each fuel cycle makes this a desirable piece of equipment prompting many firefighting agencies to request operators with these capabilities first and release them last. Most helicopter resource firefighting agencies in North America and Australia give preference to these bucket performance capabilities in their contracts.

Bambi Max Features

  • Unlimited multiple drops
  • Manual load shedding
  • Low power, 3-wire system
  • Easy integration with helicopter
  • Fast actuation
  • Low maintenance

Bambi Max Options

Bambi Bucket Selector

Just click on the button below, fill out the form and it will suggest up to three potential buckets based on your allowable load. The suggestions are based purely on allowable load.

Accessories Compatibility Chart

Just click on the button below, find your model of bucket and then compare what accessories best suit your aircraft and mission profiles.

Bambi Bucket Accessories Compatibility Chart

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