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SEI Product Divisions

SEI Industries has two main product lines: Aerial Firefighting and Remote Site Fuel and Water Storage/Transport.  Within these two main divisions, there are sub-groups that offer specialty products targeting:




Proprietary Product Technology

Many SEI products use the latest in manufacturing technology and industrial fabric design.  By working with a select group of suppliers, SEI has developed proprietary fabrics that make its products unique as well as more durable and cost-effective.  Today, as an industry leader, our fabrics illustrate how SEI has adapted to meet customer needs through innovation.

SEI is also the first manufacturer to offer four key technologies that, when combined, greatly enhance the performance and dependability of its industrial fabric product lines.  No other company offers competitively–priced products made with all-RF welds, cross-seam design (no lap seams), encapsulated seams and double-offset fabric coating.


Serving the Military

More than 20 years ago, SEI began working with the military to create a line of products that would eventually be used around the world in NATO and UN peacekeeping activities, combat operations, disaster relief and humanitarian missions.

Since the early 1990s, SEI has been the Canadian Forces primary supplier of temporary mobile liquid handling products for fuels, water and chemicals.  Today, SEI supplies more than 50 military forces around the world and continues to count the military as one of its biggest inspirations for new product development.


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