Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)

Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)   Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)   Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)   Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)

About Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)

About Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) About Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)   About Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)   About Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)   About Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser)

Quick, easy to deploy one-piece berm system

Product Description

Introducing the Insta-Berm Easy Riser: SEI’s newest addition to the Insta-Berm series. Engineered to transform your secondary containment experience, with an all new design that eliminates loose parts and drastically reduces set up time. The Easy Riser spill containment berm is built to contain hazardous materials while offering unparalleled convenience, durability, and efficiency. It meets EPA regulation 40CFR112.7 and Environment Canada Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations (SOR/2008-197).

Design Features

  • Effortless Setup: The Insta-berm Easy Riser is a one-piece system that can be set up quickly and easily.
  • Integrated Support: Unlike traditional containment systems, the Easy Riser features hinge-style wall supports built directly into the berm liner.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: A locking mechanism ensures that the walls of the Easy Riser do not collapse
    outwards, providing an additional layer of protection against spills and leaks.
  • Efficient Deployment: Equipment and vehicles can be quickly moved in and out of the Easy Riser, saving time and frustration for operators.
  • Compact Storage: When decommissioned, the walls of the Easy Riser lay flat, making it easy to fold and resulting in a compact package for shipping or storage.
  • Easy Draining: Each Easy Riser includes a threaded drain fitting to install a Rain Drain, preventing any contaminated water from entering the environment.

Fabric Options

  • 28oz PVC – This material provides customers with a more affordable fabric option
  • Chem-Shield – Sturdy and abrasion resistant, Chem-Shield™ fabric is suitable for a variety of chemicals and is cold crack resistant to -34°C.
  • Arctic-Shield − Certified to CAN/ULC-S668-12, Arctic-Shield™ Lightweight and Heavyweight fabric features chemical and fire resistance properties and is cold crack resistant to -50°C (not suitable for acids). In addition to superior abrasion resistance, Arctic-Shield Heavyweight remains flexible in freezing temperatures making it ideal for set up in the winter. Verify our Intertek certification here.

Berm Options

  • RainDrain™ – removes hydrocarbons and additives from captured water through gravity drainage
  • Groundsheet – recommended to lay between the berm and the ground to protect berm liner
  • Track belting – to protect the berm from heavy wheel damage
  • High-wind stakes – can anchor the berm to the ground through optional eyelet patches


Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Support

Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Support Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Support   Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Support   Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Support   Insta-Berm (Easy-Riser) Support

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