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Collapsible fuel drum that's designed to be lifted by helicopter

About the Double Drum
The Double Drum tank is a collapsible fuel drum specifically designed to be helicopter-lifted as a slung load.  It's the ideal replacement for metal drums!  
The Double Drum eliminates empty drums, folds up for quick transport when empty, protects fuel from condensation and is easy to handle.  The attachment rings allow it to be tied down as secured cargo in a boat, barge or truck for ground transport.  Once on the ground, the tank can also be hand rolled over short distances, making it easy to position on site. 
Most importantly, the Double Drum’s unique double-walled design provides abrasion resistance and built-in secondary containment.  
  • The Double Drum’s inner bladder is made from a 38 oz urethane-coated nylon suitable for storage of diesel and jet fuel.  The outer bladder is made from a heavy duty 32 oz OBU that makes it puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • The outer tank has D-ring connection/lifting  points  on the outer shell  to connect to a lifting harness or secure to a boat or ground vehicle.  The 250 USG model has 15 connection lifting points while the 500 USG model has 20 connection lifting points.  The inner bladder is attached by an aluminum 16-bolt outer ring and is removable for inspection and leak detection.
  • The Double Drum is radio-frequency welded and seam sealed.  It comes with a 1 1/2” fill/drain kit with ball valve, camlock connection and dust cap.  Each tank is supplied with a lifting harness to connect to a helicopter or crane.

Product Information

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