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Heliwell ™

Large capacity helicopter dip tank or retardant mixer

About the Heliwell

With its large capacity and rigid sides, the Heliwell is a portable water tank that can be easily deployed in the field in less than two hours using three people. Available in two sizes, the largest model holds enough water to fully fill a 2,600 USG Bambi Bucket.

When taken apart, the Heliwell’s 8-10 aluminum panels can be easily transported by a standard size pick-up truck or slung from a helicopter. Once set-up, the Heliwell can be used as a helicopter dip tank or a fire-retardant mixing tank.



  • Capacity: 9425 USG to 14,900 USG
  • Fast assembly, takes less than two hours using three people
  • Fills in less than one hour (with a 300 USGPM pump), minimizing wait times
  • Large open top (up to 16 ft./4.9 m diameter) allowing access for even the largest size Bambi Bucket
  • Outer aluminum shell separates into 8 or 10 panels allowing for easy transport
  • Side fill/discharge flange
  • Heavy duty vinyl fabric liner can withstand tough physical demands
  • Aluminum carry pallet for ground shipping


Add-Ons and Accessories

  • Plastic edge protectors to use as a protective rim
  • Primary or secondary heavy-duty bottom impact pads
  • Fluid level gauge
  • Self-supporting secondary containment Insta-Berm™ for added environmental protection



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