SEI Industries Ltd. Corporate Office

7400 Wilson Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
Canada, V4G 1H3
Toll Free: 1-866-570-3473
Phone: 604-946-3131
Fax: 604-940-9566

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Bambi Bucket Service Centres

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Contact the Aerial Firefighting Division
(Bambi, FAST, Dragon and Premo Products)

Sergio Fukamati
Division Manager
Toll Free: 1-866-43-BAMBI 
Brenda Phillips
Inside Sales, USA/International
Philip Harding
Inside Sales, USA/International
Latin America
César Guerra
Outside Sales, Latin America
Ryan Spilchen
Outside Sales, Canada
Rob Ferguson
Inside Sales, Canada/GSA

Contact the Remote Site/Environmental Division

Paul Reichard                
Division Manager
Jocelyn Ingram
Inside Sales
Robin Cnudde (Remote Site)
Canadian Sales

Bryan Shields (Environmental)
Canadian Sales

Andy Smith
USA/International Sales
Latin America
César Guerra
Latin America Sales

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About Us

SEI Industries manufacturing facility

We engineer solutions that support successful companies around the world

About SEI Industries Ltd.
Established in 1978, SEI Industries Ltd. is an industrial fabric products manufacturer best known for its invention of the world-famous Bambi Bucket which is used by helicopters to drop water on forest fires. Today, operating from a full-service 48,000 sq. ft. (4,460 sq. m.) manufacturing facility located in Delta, BC, Canada, SEI supplies more than 45 unique products that serve more than 50 military forces as well as a diversity of commercial enterprises.
SEI has a global agent network with two international offices and seven international repair facilities. Currently, SEI products are in use in 110 countries around the world.
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Our Role in the Global Marketplace
In the global marketplace, SEI has cultivated a unique, innovative capability not readily found elsewhere in the world by designing, engineering and manufacturing products from industrial fabrics. These fabrics provide advantages not available with products made from traditional rigid materials. With an emphasis on customer-driven features such as collapsibility, transportability and quick set-up, SEI Industries has found itself at the forefront of product design for a variety of applications related to liquid containment and handling. 
Other SEI capabilities include the design and manufacturing of pumping/filtration units as well as technical problem-solving using our proprietary new-generation, high-strength, lightweight fabrics. SEI also excels at creating specialized power generation and liquid transfer systems.

SEI’s customer base includes oil and mineral exploration companies, aviation companies, government agencies, military forces, the United Nations, relief agencies, original equipment manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies. Our customers operate in many sectors including:
  • Disaster relief agencies
  • Government and military peacekeeping deployment operations
  • Resource base exploration activities, and
  • Environmental primary/secondary containment industry.
Today, SEI Industries’ many product groups reflect this widespread diversity centered around a common theme of innovative industrial fabrics.
Products in the News

SEI is proud to be a manufacturer of many products that assist with humanitarian efforts, help protect the environment as well as support commercial and military operations in 110 countries around the world. Often, these products are seen in the news without any recognition that they were produced by SEI.
The list below provides a small sampling of the type of global roles that SEI products have played:
  • Nuclear site cool-down after Japan’s devastating tsunami (using the Bambi Bucket)
  • Clean, potable water storage during Haiti’s earthquake relief effort (using the Onion tank)
  • Assistance with Colombia’s drug enforcement activities (using the BATT and Jungle King tank)
  • Custom decontamination trailers for use in biological, radiological and terrorist events (FBI, FEMA, military hospitals and the National Guard)
  • Critical firefighting products that are used from Australia to Italy to Asia (80% of the world’s market share)
  • Robust remote site solutions that are designed for specific climates and help to create new jobs from resource exploration, construction and development activities in countries around the world (e.g. mining and drilling operations)
  • Military solutions that minimize risks during combat and support civilian emergency response (fuel storage, fuel pump systems, water storage)
  • Secondary containment products that protect the environment, prevent spills and ensure compliance to regulations (SEI products are being used in the WWII DEW-Line clean-up effort)

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