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Meet the legendary Bambi Bucket® — 30 years of firefighting history

Innovative Firefighting Technology
The original Bambi Bucket was first introduced by SEI Industries Ltd. in 1982. Back then, fire fighting buckets were not new but the launch of the Bambi Bucket represented a significant step forward for this essential tool because SEI had been able to do what others had not – perfect a collapsible bucket utilizing a pilot-controlled valve that could deliver a concentrated column of water from the helicopter to the fire. 
The development of this innovative aerial firefighting product was born out of the valuable feedback received from helicopter operators as well as Canadian and American forest and land management agencies. These agencies use helicopter firefighting equipment to protect remote areas from fire and knew what kind of tool could make their job easier. Using these critical insights from the end user, SEI was able to develop a product that, today, garners 90% of the world market share of firefighting buckets and is used in more than 110 countries.
Continuing Evolution
From those early days, SEI has learned to value and respect the feedback it receives from end users. By building trusted relationships with operators, military forces and government agencies around the world, SEI continually incorporates customer needs into the Bambi Bucket's on-going evolution and growing accessories line.
Since 1982, a variety of options have been developed to meet the requirements of different types of helicopters. The expanding line of Bambi Buckets now offers more than 20 different sizes, ranging from its smallest (a Robinson R44 bucket) to its massive 2,600 US gallon version. SEI has also added several options including the multiple dump, variable-flow Bambi Max and Torrentula valves to bottom-filling PowerFill technologies and foam injection systems. Data logging and load-shedding capabilities have also been developed.
Bambi Bucket Features and Options
  • Provides cost-effective water delivery.
  • Compact, lightweight and portable.
  • Constructed from unique Bambi Bucket fabric designed for maximum durability and strength.
  • Variable fill capability.
  • Fast fill and shallow water capability.
  • Pilot-controlled dump patterns.
  • Dump valve opens instantly.
  • Suitable for any size helicopter.
  • Foam injection systems available.
Bambi Bucket Selector
Just click on the button below, fill out the form and it will suggest up to 3 potential buckets based on your allowable load. The suggestions are based purely on allowable load. 

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