» SEI Industries Ltd- GLOBE 2010 Live Interview

SEI Industries Ltd- GLOBE 2010 Live Interview

Mar 18 2010
Paul Reichard from SEI Industries Ltd. will be interviewed live at GLOBE by Michael Mancini Editor-in-Chief of CanadExport Magazine.
Paul Reichard will be providing insights about international business markets that SEI Industries and its Remote Site group work in.  
He will also be talking about new trends in the fuel storage and environmental products market including:
  • Environment Canada release of Technical Requirements for Collapsible Fabric Storage Tanks (Bladders)
  • SEI’s newest Fire Resistant Secondary Containment Fabric
  • SEI’s newest SEI’s Kick the Can program designed to encourage a reduction of fuel drum use in remote sites. 
Catch all the action live at Globe on Friday March 19, 2010 at 11 am booth 401. 
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Mar 18 2010