» PZL- Świdnik SW-4 Cargo Hook Receives EASA Certification

PZL- Świdnik SW-4 Cargo Hook Receives EASA Certification

Dec 17 2010
PZL-Świdnik, an AgustaWestland company, is pleased to announce that the SW-4 single engine helicopter has received EASA certification for a 650 kg capacity cargo hook. The certification provides for installation of a cargo hook on the SW-4 and the use of the SEI Industries Bambi Bucket 1012 with a capacity of 455 liters for fire-fighting duties. The selected ONBOARD SYSTEMS TALON LC cargo hook allows carrying underslung loads up to 650kg enabling the SW-4 to perform a wide range of utility tasks.
A modern, multipurpose light single engine helicopter with excellent performance, flight envelope, cabin space and capabilities, the SW-4 is the perfect solution to meet customer’s requirements for a versatile and cost/effective multirole aircraft in the five place turbine helicopter market. Designed and developed by PZL-Świdnik, the SW-4 proves the ideal entry to the turbine helicopter segment when flexibility of operation, low operating and maintenance costs, reliability, safety and ease of flight are of key importance.
Certified in accordance with JAR-27 and FAR-27 regulations, the SW-4 can carry up to five persons, including pilot(s), in the most comfortable passenger cabin and cockpit in its category with easy access and egress for maximum flexibility and safety. The cockpit features dual controls with an instrument panel conceived for excellent ergonomics. Both cockpit and cabin offer outstanding all round visibility increasing safety and VFR situational awareness. Two sliding doors provide passenger access to the large comfortable cabin with ample legroom. The cabin can also be rapidly reconfiguration for other roles. A separate baggage compartment in the rear fuselage area further expands available space and mission versatility.
The 1.8 ton SW-4, powered by a 450 shp-rated Rolls-Royce 250 C20-R/2(SP) turbine engine, features a fully articulated main rotor with three composite blades and a two-composite bladed tail rotor. The SW-4 has excellent performance characteristics for initial aircrew training with a maximum cruise speed of 111 knots, a maximum range of 413 nm and an endurance of 5 hours which makes the type suitable for both flight and specific mission training. The SW-4 is capable of performing a large range of roles including passenger and cargo transport, fire fighting, military applications, training, law enforcement, emergency medical service and VIP/corporate transport. Mission equipment options include FLIR/TV systems and sensors, loudspeaker, searchlight, rescue hoist, EMS dedicated equipment and now a cargo hook and fire fighting equipment.
Over 30 SW-4 helicopters have already been sold to customers worldwide so far.
Agusta Westland press release
Dec 17 2010