» New Seal Kit for 16" Valve Actuators

New Seal Kit for 16" Valve Actuators

Jan 13 2014
Product: Bambi Bucket - Bambi Max
Models: Bambi Max 16” Valves
Subject: New Seal Kit for 16" Valve Actuators
Reference: Bambi MAX Service Manual (1518-3542) version B


There have been several occurrences of valve failures due to water ingress on the motor assembly
housing. The cause of this problem has been determined to be caused by faulty gaskets.
The original motor gaskets were made by hand. When SEI went into production, it switched to a gasket
which was punched on a machine. The holes for the bolts were subsequently made oversized due to the
punch design. During installation, if the gasket was misaligned, the water could get through the bolt
holes and into the motor chamber.


  1. The motor gasket now features smaller holes punched by hand. This prevents any water from getting through the holes in the gasket.
  2. The screws which secure the motor cover now have a built‐in sealing ring for additional protection against water ingress.
SEI is providing customers with the affected valves upgrade kits (part number 010755) containing the
new bolts and gaskets. These can be easily installed by the customer.

Tools Required:

  • 1x 7/64 allen key
  • 1x 5/16 hex head wrench
  • Loctite 242 or equivalent thread locker


  1. Remove the bolts fastening the IVC to the top plate in order to access the front motor plate screws
  2. Remove the 6 small cap screws fastening the actuator enclosure to the front motor plate using a 7/64 Allen Key
  3. Remove the actuator enclosure and gasket
  4. Dispose of the old gasket and cap screws
  5. Clean the top of the enclosure and the inside of the front motor plate to ensure a proper seal
  6. Install the new gasket and cap screws
    a. Ensure that the enclosure sits evenly on the gasket
    b. Either Torque all screws to 20 in‐lbs using a torque wrench, or apply Loctite 242 or an equivalent product to the threads and torque by hand
    c. Torque screws in a crossing pattern to ensure even tension on the enclosure
  7. Fasten the IVC to the top plate
  8. Test the valve and refer to the service manual if any calibration is required


Shawn Bethel
Division Manager, Firefighting Division
604‐946‐3131 ext. 119
Robert Button
Product Engineer, Firefighting Division
604‐946‐3131 ext. 423

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Jan 13 2014