» Incorrect Position of Hopper Motor Plate

Incorrect Position of Hopper Motor Plate

Aug 12 2014
Date: August 12, 2014
Product Line: Dragon
Models: Green Dragon
Subject: Incorrect Position of Hopper Motor Plate
A Green Dragon dispenser was reported to have repeated problems with failure to load the primed sphere. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the motor plate in the hopper had been installed incorrectly. The motor plate is located in the hopper tube by three screws located 120° apart and includes the hopper limit switch which determines the position of the selector plate when it is stopped. The motor plate and switch were rotated such that when the hopper was stopped, the selector plate was not at the correct location. The consequences of this are that when the barrel opens to receive the primed sphere, the next sphere has not yet been loaded in the hopper and does not push the loaded sphere into the barrel.
To prevent further occurrence, a fourth screw will be added to prevent the motor plate from being installed in the incorrect orientation.
For existing units, users should ensure that the motor plate is reinstalled correctly after any maintenance to the hopper. See photograph:

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Aug 12 2014