» Environment Canada Releases Guidance Document for Collapsible Fuel Tanks

Environment Canada Releases Guidance Document for Collapsible Fuel Tanks

Jan 27 2010

Environment Canada has officially released its Technical Guidance Document for collapsible storage tanks which will be published and posted in March, 2010, at the following web address www.ec.gc.ca/st-rs.   This new document provides significant information for operators.

The document covers the minimum requirements for the design and construction of collapsible fabric storage tanks used for above-ground storage of petroleum products and allied petroleum products.  Installations that have storage tank systems built around collapsible fabric storage tanks will be required to meet all applicable sections of these regulations. 

SEI Industries is proud to be able to offer the Arctic King – a collapsible fuel tank that meets Environment Canada’s Technical Guidance Document.   Arctic King collapsible fuel tanks are manufactured from fabric specifically designed for liquid fuel storage in sub-zero climates.  Constructed from a proprietary high-durability fabric unique to SEI Industries, the Arctic King exceeds all US military specifications and has excellent UV and hydrolysis resistance for a longer life expectancy than any other urethane collapsible fabric tank.

The Arctic King is part of the King Series – a trio of tanks ideal for use in the most extreme climates on earth.  These flexible, portable tanks provide a bulk storage solution for remote areas.  Arctic King tanks offer a number of unique advantages that include competitive pricing, less fuel waste due to contamination, less shipping volume and weight, minimal ground disturbance, a smaller footprint compared to drums and less expensive to decommission.

SEI Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is the world leader in producing collapsible fuel bladders for harsh climates.   It has provided custom turn-key fuel management solutions for more than 25 years.  SEI is the only manufacturer in the world that can provide a complete turn-key system using collapsible fuel bladders. 

If you have questions on how to comply with Environment Canada’s Technical Guidance Document for Collapsible Fabric Storage Tanks (Bladders), or would like a like a hard copy please contact SEI Industries Ltd. at 604-946-3131or see the Environment Canada website www.ec.gc.ca/st-rs

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Jan 27 2010