» Belly Strap Upgrade

Belly Strap Upgrade

Nov 12 2015
Product: Dragon, Premo
Models: Red Dragon and Premo PSD
Subject: Belly Strap Upgrade
Currently, the Red Dragon and Premo PSD use different Belly Straps. Both belly straps are considered
safe to use, but have slightly different designs.
SEI has created a new Belly Strap for use with both the Red Dragon and Premo PSD. The part number for
the new belly strap is 011806. The new strap design has been load tested and approved for use. It will
be supplied with two different threaded connecting links in order to be used on either machine. The
smaller links are used with the Red Dragon and the larger links are used with the Premo PSD.
Customers with existing belly straps do not need to upgrade to the newer version if their belly strap is
still in good condition.


Robert Button

Product Engineer, Firefighting Division
604‐946‐3131 ext. 423
Download PDF version of this bulletin here.
Nov 12 2015