» BATT™: Fuel Transport of the Future

BATT™: Fuel Transport of the Future

Feb 11 2011

BATT: The Fuel Transport Tank of the Future

Tired of flying drums to your remote site?  SEI Industries Ltd. (SEI) is delighted to unveil its newest product – the Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) (patents pending).
The BATT is the world’s first collapsible, double walled, aviation specific, baffled transportation fabric tank that enables users to safely transport bulk fuel to remote sites via aircraft.  It can be sized to any aircraft and is ideal to transport fuel to remote camps for exploration, military, or construction activities.  The BATT will save remote site operators money, improve safety and is more environmentally friendly than traditional drum methods of aviation fuel transport.
Some of the benefits include:
1.The BATT is designed specifically to fit inside each airframe and is lightweight maximizing the carrying capacity of the air frame. 
2.The BATT can be rolled up when empty allowing the aircraft to carry cargo, core samples or personnel on the return trip.  The BATT makes flying back empty drums a thing of the past.
3.The BATT eliminates continued handling of the drums which can result in damage and spills inside the aircraft.
4.The BATT allows remote site operators to eliminate empty drums which are often abandoned because of the high cost associated with removing them.  Fewer drums also mean fewer spills due to continued handling; this will help reduce the environmental foot print of fuel storage.
In Canada, only fuel drums are currently allowed to transport fuel without special permits.  SEI is in the process of receiving a TDG Equivalency Certificate from Transport Canada allowing the BATT to be used without special permits for transporting dangerous goods (fuels).
The BATT enables operator to transport bulk fuel to remote sites but a static storage tank solution is needed to accommodate the fuel once it arrives. SEI’s Arctic King collapsible fuel bladder tanks are ideal for storing fuel in remote locations. Arctic King Tanks fold up for easy transport to remote sites by aircraft.
SEI can provide tanks to store fuel in sizes from 2000 L to 100,000 L. The Arctic King is the only bladder tank that meets Environment Canada’s Regulations’ and the Technical Requirements for Collapsible Fabric Storage Tanks (Bladders) published in 2009.  SEI’s BATT and Arctic King Tanks provide operators reliant on fuel drums a new bulk fuel choice.  For more information on the regulation, click here.

For more information, please visit our BATT web page, contact us at 1-604-946-3131 or email seisales@sei-ind.com

Feb 11 2011