» Bambi Bucket delivers power-filling capability to the California Army National Guard

Bambi Bucket delivers power-filling capability to the California Army National Guard

Oct 10 2008

SEI Industries is proud to announce the fulfillment of another UH-60 Bambi Bucket delivery to the California Army National Guard. The National Guard requisitioned two new 640 gallon Bambi Buckets, each with Torrentula multi-flow valve, and a pair of bottom filling Powerfill pumps. The new technical capabilities were requested after the July fire siege of Northern California. The technology will increase the California National Guard arsenal of Bambi Buckets that are used to fight wildfires each year.

LTC Yeager of the California Army National Guard stated "the July 2008 wildfires in Northern California put our fire-fighting aircraft in remote areas, at higher altitudes and higher temperatures, where water weight became a factor. We look forward to testing our new buckets and training with them both in Northern and Southern California. We believe the Powerfill system coupled with the Torrentula Valve will have a positive effect on our efficiency and will increase safety margins at the same time."

Shawn Bethel, Division Manager for SEI Industries notes, "We're very pleased that the discharge capability of the Torrentula valve solves high altitude weight issues for the California National Guard. Remote load discharge is important at dip sites where high altitude and temperature can reduce the lifting performance of any helicopter, whether civilian or military. The highest operating altitudes affect every type of helicopter, and full bucket weights that are ideal at sea level can become too heavy for helicopters to lift as altitudes increase."

SEI Industries' additional Powerfill option gives the buckets enough suction to draw 900 gallons per minute through the bottom of the Torrentula Valve and is also available in a snorkel configuration. The technology makes it possible to fill the bucket from smaller pools of water. Combined with a new 80 foot synthetic longline, the Guard will be able to fill the bucket, even in water sources where it isn't possible to completely submerge the bucket.

Bethel explains that with the Powerfill option added to the valve, "the net benefit to the National Guard is that they can now utilize water sources that are closer to the fire. The Guard will be able to achieve faster turn times from water sites to the fire - whether they be natural sources or pre-positioned dip tanks."



SEI Industries is a world leading manufacturer supporting global fire-fighting efforts around the world with the industry-proven Bambi Bucket. The company is also active in 'prescription' tactical burning equipment such as the innovative Red Dragon aerial ignition machine. SEI also builds equipment for remote site applications of fuel and liquid logistics for both civilian and military applications.

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Oct 10 2008