» 5 Pin Cannon plugs replaced with Sure-Seal® Connectors

5 Pin Cannon plugs replaced with Sure-Seal® Connectors

Dec 1 2016
Product:       Bambi
Models: Bambi bucket 5566 HL 9800
Subject:  Large Tripline Design Change


The Torrentula buckets have historically had problems related to dipping control heads in water. The 5 pin connectors used to send the control signals to the control box from the head, have been identified as the root of many of these problems. The mil-spec connectors are not watertight, allowing the low current signals to short when the connector gets wet.


To resolve this problem SEI is replacing the 5 pin mil-spec connector with 5 pin Sure-Seal® connectors. These new connectors are fully waterproof, very robust and will break apart if the bucket is released from the hook.

SEI recommends installing the new connectors at the control head, longline, and at the bucket end of harness H2.

All the materials listed in the following instructions are included in the conversion kit 013563.

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Dec 1 2016