SEI Industries Ltd. Corporate Office

7400 Wilson Avenue
Delta, British Columbia
Canada, V4G 1H3
Toll Free: 1-866-570-3473
Phone: 604-946-3131
Fax: 604-940-9566

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Bambi Bucket Service Centres

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Contact the Aerial Firefighting Division
(Bambi, FAST, Dragon and Premo Products)

Sergio Fukamati
Division Manager
Toll Free: 1-866-43-BAMBI 
Brenda Phillips
Inside Sales, USA/International
Philip Harding
Inside Sales, USA/International
Latin America
César Guerra
Outside Sales, Latin America
Ryan Spilchen
Outside Sales, Canada
Rob Ferguson
Inside Sales, Canada/GSA

Contact the Remote Site/Environmental Division

Paul Reichard                
Division Manager
Jocelyn Ingram
Inside Sales
Robin Cnudde (Remote Site)
Canadian Sales

Bryan Shields (Environmental)
Canadian Sales

Andy Smith
USA/International Sales
Latin America
César Guerra
Latin America Sales

  » Purpose, Strategy and Focus

Purpose, Strategy and Focus

SEI produces custom products made from proprietary materials.

Our Purpose

  • To grow as a world-leading manufacturer and marketer of specialized niche products.

Our Strategy

  • To partner with our customers in the research, development and delivery of solutions that add extraordinary value.

Our Focus

  • Enhanced sensitivity to our customer’s needs.
  • World class leaders in our niche markets.
  • Unique and creative product solutions.
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