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About SEI

Radio frequency welder working on a BATT tank

Our products are used around the world in 110 countries

What do we make?
Operating from a full-service 48,000 sq. ft. (4,460 sq. m.) manufacturing facility located in Delta, BC, Canada, SEI supplies unique fabric products that serve the military and many other industries such as oil and gas, mining, remote construction, wildland fire management, aviation, environmental spill prevention and disaster response. 
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SEI has a global agent network with two international offices and seven international repair facilities. Currently, SEI products are in use in 110 countries around the world.  Below is a sampling of what we offer:
  • Collapsible pillow tank bladders used for fuel and water storage in remote locations and for specific climates (Arctic King, Jungle King, Desert King, FRAC Tank, Terra Tank)
  • Aerial firefighting buckets and accessories used by helicopters of all sizes and used around the world for wildfires and urban firefighting (Bambi Bucket, Sacksafoam, PowerFill Snorkel)
  • Secondary containment and spill response equipment (Insta-Berm, Mini-Berm, Drip Defender, RainDrain, Hazmat Tank, Ride-Side Berm) 
  • Fire ignition products for prescribed and controlled burns (Dragon Eggs, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Pyroshot Hand Launcher) 
  • Custom fuel systems for remote locations (often used by the military) plus custom pump systems (FSDS, HPARS, F34DS, Litre Hosen, Heli-Pump, Slimline)
  • Ground firefighting equipment for wildland and urban firefighting (Fireflex Pumpkin Tank, FlexPak, Oasis Tank, Tender Tank, Heliwell, Stilwell Flyer, Helitank)
  • Aviation fuel transportation products that allow aircraft to transport bulk fuel to remote locations (BATT, Fuel-Easy)
  • Portable water/chemical storage tanks for emergency drinking water supply, disaster response or remote site use (FRAC Tank, Terra Tank, ER Tank, Onion Tank)