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Spill Prevention

Secondary containment systems for fuel, water and chemicals

About Secondary Containment

SEI’s Environmental Product Group manufactures secondary containment berms that can be used for spill prevention as well as fuel transfer area protection, decontamination and site remediation.  SEI stocks a selection of standard-sized secondary containment berms or it can provide custom berms to fit your specific application.

In addition, SEI offers certified engineered products for secondary containment systems that are used with collapsible fuel tanks, steel tanks or drum fuel.  We also offer a remote site product line that includes a distinctive series of collapsible fuel tanks; the Arctic King™, the Jungle King™ and the Desert King™.

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Spill Prevention and Environmental Regulations

Inspectors are increasingly requesting operators to provide secondary containment around fuel drums and other bulk fuel storage sites.  New regulations may also require spill prevention equipment in fuel transfer areas.

Heavy fines and work stoppages may result from non-compliance with regulations in your area. Implementing a spill prevention plan and owning the proper spill prevention equipment is your low-cost insurance against environmental penalties and far more costly spills.

Operators of storage tank systems in Canada must meet the requirements of CAN/ULC-S668-12, the standard for liners used for secondary containment of above-ground flammable and combustible liquid tanks.  SEI is the first company to manufacture a berm that meets this standard. In addition to the federal regulation, a number of provincial regulations exist for secondary containment and, in some cases, incorporate the CAN/ULC-S668 standard. If you are interested, you can learn more here: CAN/ULC-S668-12 Guidelines Brochure

SEI can help operators meet this standard with its diverse range of spill prevention equipment.  They can choose from one of SEI’s off-the-shelf products or let SEI design a custom solution to meet your specific needs.


Company Firsts

SEI was the first company to develop a go-no-go rainwater management system (RainDrain™), the first to engineer unique fabrics and products to meet the associated challenges of secondary fuel containment and the first to develop fire-resistant materials for arctic climates (Arctic-Shield™ fabric).

Arctic-Shield™ fabric has been specifically designed for secondary containment of fuels in Canada.  Arctic-Shield™ is the most advanced secondary fabric on the market today for above-ground secondary containment berms. Exclusive to SEI Industries, this proprietary fabric comes in tan and green and is:

  1. Suitable for deployment to -50F or -46C
  2. Impermeable to fuel and hydrocarbons
  3. Fire resistant per NFPA 701
  4. Exceeds the requirements set by Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Environmental Code of Practice for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Systems Containing Petroleum and Allied Petroleum Products for secondary containment
  5. Arctic-Shield fabric is fully certified by Intertek to meet the CAN/ULC-S668-12 standard for liners.  This standard is listed in the Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations (SOR/2008-197), under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.  Verify our Intertek certification here.



SEI can use Arctic-Shield™ fabric for any of its manufactured secondary containment products including Insta-Berm (Frame), Insta-Berm (L-Rod), Mini-Berm, Ride-Side Berm and Drip Defender. This Arctic-Shield material is suitable for Class 1 flammable and combustible liquids in backfilled or exposed applications.

SEI can also supply certified secondary containment drawings for site permitting purposes.

Arctic King™ collapsible fuel tanks are the first tanks in the world to be certified to a national standard. In 2014, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) published the CAN/CSA B-837-14 standard of which SEI was a proud contributing member on the technical committee for the development of this standard.  The Arctic King is the first tank that meets the CAN/CSA B-837-14 standard for collapsible fabric storage tanks (bladders).  You can verify that Intertek certification here.


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