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PowerFill Max

Fill to capacity in seconds from water sources as shallow as 18 inches!

About the PowerFill Max

The PowerFill Max takes the same function of the PowerFill Snorkel and places it internally inside the Bambi Max Valve, allowing it to fill to capacity in seconds. Using a combination of multiple pumps, this bottom-filling technology provides fill rates of 900 to 1800 US gallons per minute.  PowerFill technology increases operational efficiencies in practically any shallow water source that would otherwise be unsuitable for dipping.

PowerFill Max Advantages

With PowerFill technology, bottom-filling Bambi Buckets can fill to maximum capacity in shallow tanks, streams and ponds, thereby reducing cycle times and expense to aerial firefighting operations.

Options such as the multi-dump variable flow valves, along with bottom-filling PowerFill capability, offer exceptional value-added features for existing buckets and effectively expand the bucket’s performance capability on the fire line.

PowerFill Max Features

  • Enables a fast bottom-fill in only 18 inches (48 cm) of water.
  • Increases operational efficiencies as operators can draw from practically any accessible water source.
  • Unified design– the Max PowerFill system is integrated with the Bambi Max Valve.

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