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Fire Ignition Spheres

Ignition spheres that meet your critical mission requirements

About Dragon Eggs Fire Ignition Spheres

Dragon Eggs are small fire ignition spheres that contain a high-grade potassium permanganate powder and, when injected with glycol, cause a chemical reaction. These potassium fire starters have a 20-40 second delayed ignition, depending on ambient temperature.

This combustion consists of a sustained flame with ‘flare-like properties’ burning for approximately two minutes and allowing fire propagation to effectively take place during burn operations.

Dragon Eggs fire ignition spheres have a number of distinct advantages which include:

  • Ignition reliability (100%)
  • Multi-colored casing to increase visibility (easy to spot)
  • Smaller size
  • Can be used with the revolutionary next generation RED Dragon or GREEN Dragon ground launcher.


About Premo Fireballs

Premo Fireballs provide a safe and reliable ignition source for fire operations. Using potassium permanganate, Premo Fireballs release enough heat energy and deliver enough burn time to light difficult fuel sources in variable moisture conditions. This ensures less gaps in your perfectly dropped fire line for maximum control in risky burn operations.

Premo Fireballs are 32 mm (1.25 in.) in diameter, consisting of approximately 3.0 grams of potassium permanganate. The rate of chemical reaction is dependent upon the particle size of the potassium permanganate and the concentration of the ethylene glycol. Approximately 1 ml of common automotive coolant (ethylene glycol) is injected into the sphere, and combustion occurs within approximately 20 seconds.

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