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Dedicated support for remote site operations around the world

Remote Site Support

For more than 25 years, SEI Industries Ltd. has provided various resource-based industries, such as mining and exploration. We do this with a range of innovative products to support their operations. On-site installations, training and field service support have also been supplied worldwide to ensure the smooth-running of our customer’s commercial operations.

SEI’s remote site products are typically field-tested by users under extreme conditions and, from those outcomes, product lines have evolved to become some of the best in the world. Compared to traditionally rigid products, SEI’s industrial fabric, some of which is proprietary, allows for more cost-effective transportation and set-up which can help companies save money since products can be folded, crated, shipped and unrolled, as required. With some products specifically tailored for certain climates, companies and military forces in 110 countries around the world have put SEI products to the test.

Today, the remote site division primarily focuses on manufacturing collapsible tanks, also known as pillow tanks or bladder tanks, which are used for liquid handling in isolated remote sites where labor, tools and heavy equipment is limited or nonexistent. These pillow tanks are ideal for remote sites because they can be folded up to a fraction of their deployable size, making them easy and cost-effective to transport to remote locations.

Pillow tanks are also durable, require almost no site preparation and can be relocated easily. SEI’s remote site division also specializes in developing complete turnkey solutions, centered around its collapsible tanks, by combining them with its other product lines for the transportation and transferring of fuels, water (potable, grey and black) and chemicals. SEI prides itself in its capability to engineer a system specific to any environment, location and material, ensuring that vital liquids are readily available for daily operations.


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Built to Withstand the Elements

One of the most popular remote site products is SEI’s Arctic King, Desert King and Jungle King series of collapsible fuel tanks. Designed and built to withstand harsh environments, these tanks are climate-specific and can endure extreme conditions. King series tanks are easy to decommission and reuse. Thus, they offer a much longer life cycle than traditional US military specification tanks.

SEI remote site products use the latest in manufacturing technology and industrial fabric design and the company is also the first manufacturer to offer four key technologies that, when combined, greatly enhance the performance and dependability of its industrial fabric product lines. As it stands, no other company offers competitively-priced products made with all-RF welds, cross-seam design (no lap seams), encapsulated seams and double-offset fabric coating. SEI, however, do.


Dedicated Customer Support

SEI has decades of experience engineering and manufacturing liquid solutions for mining, oil and gas, construction, drilling, transportation and site remediation companies. We use that experience to utilize our standard products, like the Terra Tank and Fuel Easy along with its pump and secondary containment systems, to develop complete customized turnkey solutions for clients.

In addition, SEI has a dedicated team of field support representatives (FSRs), mechanics and field engineers to assist during the entire life of the project including installation, inspection, repair and decommissioning. Working with local regulators, SEI can also ensure that a client’s system meets fuel storage regulations. Not just that, we also provide certified engineering services for permits or installations.


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