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Bambi Bucket is the Guest Star of Local TV Station

August 28, 2014

In June 2014, Delta TV visited SEI Industries to learn more about the world famous Bambi Bucket, and specifically, how they are manufactured. As part of Delta TV’s on-going feature about Delta companies achieving success worldwide, SEI’s recent increase in activity as a result of this summer’s busy fire season was a perfect time to check out SEI’s aerial firefighting technology.

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GO-Stations go operational in Canada’s high arctic!

July 31, 2014

The first three GO-Stations are now operational in Canada’s high arctic at an undisclosed remote mine site. Built inside ISO containers, SEI GO-Stations are capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system.

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Cargo North and SEI’s BATT team up to revolutionize bulk fuel delivery by aircraft.

July 7, 2014

SEI's BATT loaded inside Cargo North Basler aircraft

Cargo North’s two new Basler turbine aircraft and their unique capabilities, teamed up with SEI Industries’ BATT, is a combo that is revolutionizing the way bulk fuel is delivered in Canada’s North.

If you’ve spent any time in aviation, you know a legend when you see one. With more than 60 years of incredible service, from frozen pole to frozen pole and everywhere in between, the legendary DC-3 has been reborn as the new Basler Turbo 67 aircraft.

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New Approach Reduces Reliance on Diesel

April 13, 2014

Arctic King Used to Reduce Diesel Reliance

In days gone by, panning for gold often meant long hours spent kneeling at the edge of a river bank, swirling water through a pan to sift out a few tiny glittering nuggets. Fortunately, those days are long gone and, today, exploring for gold is a sophisticated juggle of logistical planning, asset management and environmental stewardship.

For many exploration companies, there’s also a strong desire to operate more efficiently now – especially since many face a number of challenges working in very remote locations where physical access is limited and the climate is harsh.

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Watch SEI’s BATT in action on Ice Pilots TV series!

November 26, 2013

BATT in action on Ice Pilots show featuring Buffalo Airways

Are you a fan of the TV series Ice Pilots? In episode 5 of season 5, you can watch the BATT in action on Buffalo Airways’ Electra aircraft. Buffalo Airways purchased two BATTs for use in hauling bulk fuel to various remote locations. With two BATTs, they are able to use the Electra’s entire hauling capacity in the most cost-effective way possible, transporting a total of 4,200 USG (15,900 L) of fuel per trip. In this episode, Buffalo Airways staff install and use the BATT for the first time, saying it’s “cool” and giving it a positive thumbs up assessment! Thanks, Buffalo! We love you, too.

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SEI Launches New GO-Station Fuel Modules

August 23, 2013

SEI Industries GO-Station fuel module for remote site operations like mining

Delta, BC, Canada – When there’s no gas station for a thousand miles, now you can bring your own. SEI Industries Ltd. recently launched its new GO-Station fuel modules, built inside ISO containers, and capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system.

The concept is simple – provide a controlled, protected environment to house pumping, filtration, metering and dispensing equipment.

Make it tough, compact and portable so it can be shipped by land, sea or air. Design it to withstand remote locations and engineer it to be compatible with diesel fuel, jet fuel or lube oils (future models will also allow gas).

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Premo & Dragon Fire Ignition Products representation in Australia

August 20, 2013

This letter is to confirm that Bruce Elliott of Integrated Emergency & Industrial Equipment Solutions located in Bacchus Marsh, State of Victoria is the authorized local representative for SEI’s Dragon & Premo Fire Ignition products and customer service in Australia.

Integrated Emergency & Industrial Equipment Solutions can provide all product, parts sales, support and customer service to end users of Premo & Red Dragon plastic sphere dispensers (PSD), Green Dragon launchers and Pyroshot hand launchers, including Premo Fireball & Dragon Egg fire ignition spheres.

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New Partnership Lights Up Canadian Airports

July 30, 2013

Solar powered aviation lighting from Land-Sea Power

Delta, BC, Canada – SEI Industries Ltd. and its sister company, Land-Sea Power Ltd., are delighted to announce a new partnership with Carmanah Technologies Corporation – maker of an advanced product line of airfield lighting.

Effective immediately, SEI and Land-Sea Power Ltd. will represent Carmanah solar aviation and obstruction lighting solutions throughout western Canada including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

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Ready-to-Ship Pumps Keep Operations Running Smoothly

July 24, 2013

Delta, BC, Canada — Utilizing its long history of manufacturing custom pump systems, SEI Industries Ltd. recently announced a new line-up of standardized off-the-shelf pumps to help support remote site operations in need of a ready inventory.

“Over time, we’ve realized that our customers sometimes just need a standard pump that can be shipped right away to keep their operations running smoothly,” says Paul Reichard, remote site division manager for SEI Industries Ltd., an award-winning manufacturer known for its innovative engineering designs.

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Buffalo Airways Flies Award-Winning BATT

May 21, 2013

Yellowknife, NT, Canada – Buffalo Airways, focus of the popular Ice Pilots TV series, recently deployed the award-winning Bulk Aviation Transportation Tank (BATT) on its Lockheed L-188 Electra aircraft. Buffalo Airways acquired two BATT 2100 tanks to fit their Electra aircraft, making them the first operator to purchase this size of tank. By having two BATTs, Buffalo Airways has the option of using both tanks at the same time, allowing the Electra to haul up to 15,900 liters (4,200 USG) of bulk fuel in one trip, or it can deploy only one BATT tank and use the remaining space for other cargo. These options provide maximum flexibility to meet the varying needs of its many clients.

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