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Aqualanche Bucket

Multi-drop Capability. One of the latest additions to the Bambi family, the Aqualanche bridges the gap between the Bambi Bucket and the Torrentula. Medium sized helicopters can now have the precision of multiple dump capabilities along with the low power requirements of the Bambi Bucket.

Available as:

  • A complete bucket including Aqualanche valve
  • retrofit kit to upgrade Bambi Bucket models BB1518 to BB4453


  • Variable dump capability – unlimited adjustable drop control
  • Retrofittable – add the Aqualanche Valve to your existing Bambi Bucket
  • Low power requirements

Available Options

  • Bambi PowerFill
  • Sacksafoam Foam Injection
  • Firesock
  • Remote Load Control
  • GPS Drop Controller
  • Mobile Utility Cart
  • Stainless Steel Suspension Lines

Compatible with

  • Fireflex Flextank (Pumpkin Tank)
  • Fireflex Heliwell
  • Fireflex Low-Profile Tank


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