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Aerial Firefighting with Bambi Bucket Systems

Bambi Bucket

Fighting fires with strength and precision around the globe

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About the Bambi Bucket ®

SEI Industries Ltd. first introduced the original Bambi Bucket to the firefighting community in 1982.  This lightweight, strong, flexible firefighting Bucket—with its relatively low-cost ‘plug-n-play’ capability—promoted usage of helicopters on wildfires and saw immediate success as a firefighting tool.  By combining the Bambi with SEI’s already-existing water storage tanks and bladders for fire suppression, a sought after and valuable product line was created.

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Bambi Bucket Models For Combating Against Wildfire

Meet the legendary Bambi Bucket® Over 38 years of firefighting history

Innovative Firefighting Bambi Bucket Models

The original Bambi Bucket was first introduced by SEI Industries Ltd. in 1982. Then, fire fighting buckets were not new but its launch represented a significant step forward for this essential tool because SEI had been able to do what others had not– perfect a collapsible bucket utilizing a pilot-controlled valve that could deliver a concentrated column of water from the helicopter to the fire, which is one of our many Bambi Bucket Models.

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Bambi Bucket®

About the Bambi Bucket® Launch highly efficient precision attacks against fires by equipping your helicopter with the Bambi Bucket. This tough, lightweight product delivers a … Read More >

Bambi MAX™

About the Bambi MAX™ The Bambi MAX features a lightweight, low power draw, quick operating multiple drop valve that increases volume per drop through a … Read More >

Bambi Torrentula

About the Torrentula Valve® Increase the control and accuracy of your firefighting with the Torrentula Valve by SEI Industries. The Torrentula provides operators with excellent … Read More >

Bambi Bucket Accessories For Your Needs

Adding value to every drop!

Bambi Bucket Accessories

Collapsible, lightweight, tough and easily stowed, the Bambi Bucket has proven itself worldwide as the most powerful and effective tool for aerial fire suppression, which there are numerous Bambi Bucket Accessories that can be added to her arsenal.

Today, more than 1,000 helicopter operators and fire fighting agencies in 110 countries rely on the Bambi Bucket. In fact, more than 90% percent of all heli-bucketing in the world is done with the Bambi Bucket.

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Bambi Bucket Power Pack

About the Bambi Bucket Power Pack The Bambi Bucket Power Pack is a portable and rechargeable power supply used in the operation of the Bambi … Read More >


About the Firesock The Firesock, when attached to the bottom of a Bambi Bucket, makes the bucket a more effective tool by providing dramatically improved … Read More >

Marine Recovery Device (MRD)

About the Marine Recovery Device (MRD)™ During firefighting operations, certain emergency circumstances may require the release of the Bambi Bucket. The Marine Recovery Device (MRD) … Read More >

Mobility Sled

About the Mobility Sled Convenient one-person operation with a rugged, lightweight design. Easy to steer and brake, the four-wheeled aluminum mobility cart comes equipped with … Read More >

PowerFill Max

About the PowerFill Max The PowerFill Max takes the same function of the PowerFill Snorkel and places it internally inside the Bambi Max Valve, allowing … Read More >

PowerFill Snorkel

About PowerFill™ Technology Bambi PowerFill technology is one of the most sought after add-on accessories for the Bambi Bucket product line. During fire season, especially … Read More >

PowerFill Torrentula

About the PowerFill Torrentula™ The PowerFill Torrentula takes the same function of the PowerFill Snorkel and places it internally inside the Torrentula Valve, allowing it … Read More >

Remote Power Supply for Torrentula Bucket

About the Torrentula Remote Power Supply This remote power supply is a 24V NiMH, fully enclosed battery pack designed as an independent, portable and reliable … Read More >

Foam Systems For Bambi Buckets

Reliable foam injection that enhances drop effectiveness on the fireline

About the Sacksafoam ™ Family of Foam Systems

The Sacksafoam product line consists of foam systems that allow operators to meet agency or end-user requirements for foam drops in aerial firefighting operations. There are three separate Sacksafoam products available depending on which Bambi Bucket system you are operating.

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Sacksafoam Bladder

About the Sacksafoam Bladder™ The Sacksafoam Bladder injection system transfers and dispenses aerial firefighting foam and is specially designed to be utilized with any Bambi … Read More >

Sacksafoam Controller

About the Sacksafoam Controller™ SEI is introducing a new Sacksafoam Controller (SFC). This SFC will supersede the original controller for customers with the Sacksafoam Bladder … Read More >

Sacksafoam Heli-Case

About the Sacksafoam Heli-Case™ The Sacksafoam Heli-Case foam injection system transfers and dispenses aerial firefighting foam and is specially designed to be utilized with Bambi … Read More >

Sacksafoam Plus

About the Sacksafoam Plus™ The Sacksafoam Plus is a fully enclosed reserve tank for the Sacksafoam Heli-Case injection systems. The Sacksafoam Plus allows for more … Read More >


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