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Fuel-Easy ®

Lightweight, flyable fuel containers made especially for helicopters

About the Fuel-Easy

The Fuel-Easy makes transporting fuels by helicopter smooth and straightforward. No matter what the climate or conditions, the Fuel-Easy can deliver fuel anywhere it’s needed.

With its innovative external-frame fabric container, the Fuel-Easy takes much of the risk and guesswork out of fuel hauling. The Fuel-Easy is fully collapsible and offers operators greatly increased fuel hauling capability, easier fuel handling, reduced cost and wastage and the assurance of clean fuel.In use on five continents, this lightweight, flyable fuel container is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to fuel drums.


News Articles

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Vancouver Sun: SEI’s expertise used in New Guinea landslide disaster


Flying with the Fuel-Easy

A cargo load that changes shape in flight can be dangerous. The Fuel-Easy flies safely and holds no surprises in flight. Its rigid frame guarantees that the bladder maintains a symmetrical configuration in the air. Unlike fuel drums, the Fuel-Easy tends not to spin on the hook. When flown at partial loads, the bladder collapses into itself, creating the specific amount of aerodynamic drag necessary to fully stabilize the unit in flight. The Fuel-Easy conforms to Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods Part 12, Section 12.9, Paragraph 5(c).



Field-tested in the toughest conditions around the world, from freezing conditions in the Arctic to the arid deserts of Africa, the Fuel-Easy is an essential tool for remote helicopter operations. It offers many advantages including:

  • Can be flown at a helicopter’s maximum cruise speed while remaining predictable and stable in flight
  • Increased fuel savings compared to using a fuel drum
  • Simple filling and emptying with less waste due to camlock fittings for top-filling or bottom emptying
  • No vapor space – no condensation – no fuel contamination
  • No transfer between drums reduces risk of spills
  • Versatile – ideal for use in any climate including extreme temperatures.
  • Pliable and puncture resistant material
  • User-friendly – easy five-minute setup, lightweight design



The Fuel-Easy is built to endure, providing a superior service life. Its construction includes:

  • Fuel bladder – high strength urethane coated nylon
  • Frame – high strength aluminum, bronze or steel
  • Leg uprights/diagonal braces/stretchers – aluminum or steel pipes
  • Connector and bottom plates – cast aluminum or manganese bronze
  • Brace brackets – cast aluminum or manganese bronze
  • Hoop – specially formed square aluminum or steel tube
  • Detachable components – fixed in place with quick pins
  • Non-detachable components – bolted with aircraft bolts and nylock nuts
  • Repairs – dry repair kit (for use in the field)
  • Specialty bladders also available for potable water and for a variety of chemicals





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