Mirabel, QC, Canada – Nolinor Aviation has announced that, effective February 01, 2013, it will deploy the award-winning Bulk Aviation Transportation Tank (BATT) on its Boeing 737 cargo aircraft. Nolinor’s aircraft will be the first jet planes in the world equipped with the BATT which is a four-time award-winner for new technology development and a Canadian product that has revolutionized bulk fuel delivery to remote northern areas.

“We’re delighted to be the first jet operator to use this new technology which provides a substantial advantage to our many valued clients in the north and across Canada,” says David Morgan, director of charter operations for Nolinor (www.nolinor.com).

“The speed at which our 737 jet travels, along with its payload capability of up to 4200 gallons of fuel, allows customers to achieve new savings over the aircraft types that have been traditionally used to deliver bulk fuel,” says Morgan. “This literally gives us the capability to deliver fuel to the top of the world, if needed, but mostly will allow mining and exploration customers a more cost-effective option with significant savings on their fuel delivery costs.”

Nolinor’s 737-200 jet aircraft are capable of landing and taking off from runways made of gravel, pavement and even ice, on strips as short as 5000 feet. The jets operate with two crew members and cruise at speeds of up to 450 knots carrying payloads of up to 30,000 pounds.

About the BATT

With many communities and commercial operations located in remote areas with littl infrastructure, fuel supply is a critical aspect of sustainable development. Initially developed as a tool for South American law enforcement drug interdiction operations, the BATT is the world’s first collapsible fuel tank, specifically engineered to each aircraft’s interior. Instead of rigid fuel drums that can leak and damage aircraft interiors, the BATT is soft-sided, double-baffled for safety and customized to fill the fuselage area correctly. The BATT is approved for use by Transport Canada.

Once the fuel from the BATT reaches its destination and is unloaded, the air carrier can easily roll the tank up, store it and re-use the same floor space on the return flight out for other cargo such as core samples. This feature significantly reduces the cost of bulk fuel delivery. The BATT is manufactured in Canada by SEI Industries Ltd.

Read about this via Canadian News Wire.