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Bambi Torrentula

Bambi Torrentula offers pilot-controlled precision drops with a uniform pattern

About the Torrentula Valve®

Increase the control and accuracy of your firefighting with the Torrentula Valve by SEI Industries. The Torrentula provides operators with excellent precision in multiple drops and/or variable flow rates. The Torrentula truly shines when numerous hotspots require quick attacks.

The Bambi Bucket with Torrentula Valve was first introduced in 1997 for beta-testing as an alternative to the single-dump udder valve on the original Bambi Bucket. Since 1999, the Torrentula bucket has been used in aerial firefighting markets around the world and represents another design milestone for SEI Industries.

Torrentula Advantages

Utilizing its design advantages, the Torrentula Valve provides precision drops with a uniform water pattern. It sets up quickly, folds up for compact storage and transports easily.

Torrentula Valve technology is capable of pilot-operated, unlimited multiple dumps,variable flow and split drops. Instant open and close valve actuation on a low power draw is achieved while retaining the superior durability and functionality of the original Bambi Bucket.

It is compatible with foam injection systems and can be adjusted to include SEI’s bottom-filling PowerFill technology to enable fast-filling at dip sites with only 18 inches of water.

Torrentula Valve Features

  • Heavy duty bucket for heavy lift helicopters
  • Unlimited multiple water drops (split drops, load shedding)
  • Shallow fill OPTION available with internal mounted POWERFILL™ accessory
  • Quick open and close valve actuations
  • Variable flow rate from 0-100%


Bambi Bucket Selector

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Accessories Compatibility Chart

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Bambi Bucket Accessories Compatibility Chart

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