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Sacksafoam Bladder

Aerial foam dispenser for use with any Bambi Bucket

About the Sacksafoam Bladder™

The Sacksafoam Bladder injection system transfers and dispenses aerial firefighting foam and is specially designed to be utilized with any Bambi Bucket.

The Sacksafoam Bladder has a number of advanced features to enhance the efficiency of helicopter fire fighting:

  • The control box has a quartz digital timer to control delivery of an accurate percentage of foam concentrate. The timer circuit has crowbar over-voltage protection and its own circuit breaker. The system supports a mixer, if required.
  • The sack containing the foam concentrate mounts in the Bambi bucket. This eliminates spillage and possible corrosion damage associated with carrying foam concentrate inside the helicopter.
  • An internal check valve stops water from flowing into the sack and insures that foam is dispensed only while the injection pump is operating. Because the foam in the sack displaces the water in the Bambi bucket, the total payload is always constant.
  • An optional foam transfer pump, for easy filling of the Sacksafoam Bladder is available from SEI Industries. This portable pump greatly facilitates the filling of the Sacksafoam and is powered by 24 volts DC, either from the aircraft or from an auxiliary power source.
  • The operation of the Sacksafoam Bladder can be quickly mastered by users with no prior experience. Several dumps with foam will provide familiarity with the use of the system.

Sacksafoam Bladder Specifications

  • Foam reservoir installed directly in the Bambi Bucket allows for quick and easy mounting with pre-wired connectors.
  • All components for filling and dispensing foam are located in a single unit.
  • The touch-screen control unit (installed in the cockpit) houses a power switch, foam dispenser timer, dispenser switch, current counter and drop counter.
  • Two control unit types provides the operator with two installation options based on the helicopter cockpit configuration –regular(for outside the control panel installation) or Dzus Rail (for installation in the helicopter instrument panel).
  • Foam concentrate chart allows the pilot to set foam concentrations from 0.05% up to 1.0%.
  • Automatic and accurate foam concentration mixing and dispensing via the foam chart and dispensing switch.

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