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Pyroshot Hand Launcher

Hand-held launcher is latest fire tool

About the Pyroshot

The Pyroshot is one of the newest tools to support ground fire ignition during burn operations. The single-shot Pyroshot is an incendiary plastic sphere dispenser that can best be described as a hand-held, spring-powered gun. Costing far less than traditional flare guns, the Pyroshot can launch spheres upwards of 25m (80 ft.) and is a lightweight tool that uses Dragon Eggs.

The primary function of the Pyroshot is to supplement the use of drip torches for ground ignition operations. It’s a labor-saving, barrier defeating device – designed to allow the operator to place spot fire at a location that may be difficult or impossible to do with a torch. Ditches, canals, creeks, bogs, briars, fences, thickets and deep drainages are just some of the terrain features that the Pyroshot can help you avoid entering but still ignite. With its portability and ease of operation, the user can place a fire in any part of a 150 ft. swath in a single pass.

Since there is no open flame, the Pyroshot can safely be used in areas where a drip torch may present a hazard and it can launch from a variety of platforms. ATVs, four wheelers and airboats have already been used to dispense Dragon Eggs using the Pyroshot.


How It Works

The Pyroshot is hand-held with the butt of the launcher placed against the hip. A rearward stroke of the slide cocks the spring and feeds one Dragon Egg into the barrel. On the forward (return) stroke, a needle pierces the egg and a pump injects 0.5 cc of glycol, charging it.

The spring releases automatically at the end of the forward stroke and the charged Dragon Egg is launched to the desired location. Operators do not have to take any action, other than to pulling the slide back and moving it forward to dispense charged eggs. A delay of 20 to 60 seconds, depending on ambient temperature, occurs before ignition.

Rotating the butt plate moves the main spring base forward to preset tension for existing conditions. This allows control over both range and cocking effort. The mechanically operated displacement pump ensures very consistent glycol delivery for super reliable ignition. The 250 cc glycol bottle will charge about 500 spheres. All aluminum parts are hard coat anodized and all hardware is stainless steel to reduce maintenance and increase durability.



Pyroshot products significantly reduce the time required to burn small to medium-sized plots. As a result, wildfire burnout and backfire operations can be conducted with greater speed, less effort and reduced cost.

Experts conducted more than two years of field testing on the Pyroshot product line in the US on prescribed burning and wildlife habitat restoration activities — with very good results.

Like the Green Dragon, the Pyroshot product line is being co-developed by SEI Industries and Field Support Services of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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