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PowerFill Snorkel

Fill from water sources as shallow as 18 inches!

About PowerFill™ Technology

Bambi PowerFill technology is one of the most sought after add-on accessories for the Bambi Bucket product line. During fire season, especially today, with extended drought conditions, many existing natural water sources, such as rivers, creeks, stream beds and alpine meadows, are too shallow to use.

PowerFill technology allows users to fill their aerial firefighting buckets in shallow water sources where dry summer conditions limit dip site possibilities. Only 18 inches (46 cm) of water is required to pull water from the bottom up. Conventional dipping methods may also still be used when the PowerFill is installed.

PowerFill technology is configured for internal bottom-fill in the multi-dump Bambi Torrentula valve or for external side-mounted snorkel fill on the standard valve buckets. Both systems are retrofittable and provide hover filling capability in shallow water sources at a rate of 425 US gallons (1,600 L) per minute.

With the quick connection system or the original bolt-on system, the PowerFill Snorkel can be installed in the field, by one person in a matter of minutes. The PowerFill Snorkel is available in Bambi Bucket and Bambi Max models ranging between 216 US gallon to 425 US gallon (820 L to 1,600 L) sizes.

No need to waste fuel and flight time searching for suitable water sources – simply use Bambi PowerFill technology!

PowerFill Snorkel Features and Options

  • Retrofittable to existing Bambi Bucket.
  • Increases operational efficiencies as practically any water source can be used.
  • With the flange kit installed, the PowerFill pump can be bolted on for action or removed in the field by one person.
  • Large intake screen enables a fast fill in only 18 inches (46 cm) of water with minimal debris uptake.
  • Capable of using almost all the water in helicopter dip tanks, leaving only 7 – 8 inches (18 – 20 cm) of water behind.
  • Requires 45 amps power to operate.
  • Conventional dipping methods may also still be used with the PowerFill installed.

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