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Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) Multi-Fuel

The next evolution of the world's most advanced aviation tank

Alternate Between Transporting Jet, Diesel or Gasoline Fuel 

The newest addition to SEI’s aviation transport tank line-up is a significant achievement in bulk fuel design. The BATT Multi-Fuel allows operators to switch between flying jet, diesel or gasoline fuel with no compromise to the cost, safety and economical benefits operators have enjoyed since the BATT was first introduced to the world in 2011.

With the introduction of the original BATT, SEI was able to meet customer demand for a secure, collapsible transport solution designed for specific fuel requirements. Whether its to fly jet, diesel or gasoline fuel, the BATT provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to steel fuel drums that can be safely transported and stored in aircraft.

Following the initial successful introduction of the BATT, SEI was presented with a challenge by one particular customer who had the need to fly both diesel and gasoline fuel. At the time, it was unfeasible to fly different fuel types using the same system given how difficult it can be to store gasoline. This specific scenario required the need to alternate between using  multiple BATT models depending on the fuel type to be flown.

The SEI Engineering team was given the difficult task of identifying if it was possible to fly multiple fuel types using one BATT system. After a two year research and development process, the answer is finally yes. The new BATT Multi-Fuel will meet the requirements of operators who have a need to fly multiple fuel types in their operations.



Innovative Features

The unique fabric design of the BATT meets the safety standards for flying 3 different fuel types so users will no longer have to relocate their tanks depending on the specific fuel they are required to fly at a given time. The Multi-Fuel will cut down on response times while meeting all of the high standards BATT operators have come to know over nearly 10 years.

The BATT Multi-Fuel has a life expectancy of 10 years and is available in more than 20 sizes ranging from capacities of 100 to 2,480 USG (379 to 9,388 Litres) and features:

  • Advanced double wall tank that meets the requirements to fly 3 fuel types
  • Abrasion, puncture and humidity resistant material
  • Heavy duty tear resistant polyurethane fabric
  • Ventilation system for fueling discharge
  • Complete, secure strapping system
  • Collapsible, easy to store design
  • dry breaks and filtering kits
  • Fully encapsulated seams
  • Shipped in reusable crate



One System Licenced for 3 Fuel Types

With the new Multi-Fuel BATT, SEI proudly becomes the first company to receive a Certificate (SU 12637) to transport diesel, gasoline and jet fuel without special permits using one fuel system.

You can view the Transport Canada Equivalency Certificate for diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel here (disponible en français ici)

The Multi-Fuel has been approved to carry the following fuel types:

  • Aviation Fuel Class 3 UN 1863 Packing Group III
  • Diesel Fuel Class 3 UN 1202, Packing Group III
  • Gasoline Fuel Class 3, UN 1203 Packing Group II


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