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Military Decontamination

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About Vehicle Decontamination

Vehicle decontamination normally occurs in three phases; preparation (the vehicle drives through this initial area to be assessed or to dispose of large, loose contaminants), decontamination (the vehicle is cleaned completely) and inspection (the vehicle is inspected and either cleared or sent back to the decon stage). For all three stages, SEI provides a number of products to support this process including drive-through berms (Ride-Side™), water storage (Terra Tanks™) and black water storage (Hazmat Tanks™).


SEI also supplies pumping systems to assist with water delivery for vehicle washing as well as pump-out of contaminated water, once the vehicle is clean.


Vehicle Decontamination Products

  • Ride-Side Berm: Ride-Side’s collapsible entrance and exit walls easily withstand the heaviest wheeled and tracked vehicles while containing leaking vehicle fluids or other hazardous materials. Collapsible hands-free flotation walls allow even heavy-tracked vehicles to repeatedly enter and exit the berm without manual setup. Meets EPA regulation 40CFR112.7
  • Terra Tank: Water storage tanks that are fully collapsible, foldable, easy to move and use.
  • Hazmat Tank: Self-supporting and with no frame or parts to assemble, the Hazmat Tank is collapsible for compact storage and shipping. Constructed from durable, mold and mildew-resistant fabric, the Hazmat Tank has a unique flotation collar so that no inflation is required.
  • Pumping Systems: Designed to meet specific needs, built to withstand tough conditions.
  • RainDrain:The RainDrain filter automatically removes rainfall and water collected inside a berm while also holding back hydrocarbons from the environment. Using gravity to filter the hydrocarbons out of rainwater, the RainDrain allows operators to safely drain overflow from their berms.
  • Drip Defender: The Drip Defender is a rugged, easy-to-use, all-purpose spill collection pad designed to catch leaks. It is ideal for use under all types of vehicles, industrial machinery or any other potential sources for leaks. The Drip Defender is able to withstand all climates and conditions.
  • Groundsheets and Berm Liners:Depending on the phase (prep, deconor inspection), groundsheets and/or berm liners may serve as suitable options to hold vehicles.


Our Support for the Military

SEI supports more than 50 military forces around the world. For more than 20 years, we’ve been doing so with fuel and water options (storage, transferring, transportation and pumping systems). SEI also manufactures a wide selection of military specification products for both NATO and non-NATO countries.

Over the past two decades, SEI has gained a depth of experience engineering and manufacturing custom mission support solutions. These solutions have been deployed for combat and special forces as well as humanitarian, peacekeeping and policing missions. Some custom solutions include ablution liquid storage, sewage treatment ponds, water monitoring equipment, micro forward area refueling equipment (FARE) and platform specific range extension or fuel delivery solutions for Zodiac boats to C-130 transports.

In addition to our experience and commitment, all SEI military clients can also depend on dedicated supply life cycle management (LCM) and field support representatives (FSRs).



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