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Marine Recovery Device (MRD)

Recover your submerged Bambi Bucket with ease

About the Marine Recovery Device (MRD)™

During firefighting operations, certain emergency circumstances may require the release of the Bambi Bucket. The Marine Recovery Device (MRD) is specifically designed to decrease the potential loss of Bambi Buckets dropped over water sources.

Easy to install, the MRD is a cost-effective device that will automatically deploy a float, stored inside the MRD, when the bucket hits the water. This recovery float will guide the crew to the exact location of the submerged bucket. Once the Bambi Bucket has been retrieved, the MRD can be repacked, ready for the next heli-bucketing mission.

MRD Features

  • Easy to install.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Re-usable.
  • Compact for easy storage.
  • Lightweight.

MRD Specifications

The MRD is available in two sizes which are compatible with the entire Bambi Bucket size range.

  • MRD-1 (models 6072-4453) includes 400 feet (122 meters) of recovery cord.
  • MRD-2 (models 5566HD-HL9800) includes 400 feet (122 meters) of recovery cord.

The standard recovery depth is 400’ (122 m). However, deep water models can be customized to suit specific operational needs. The MRD is packed within a pouch that is made from mildew resistant material. Each MRD is easily attached with snaps and slip buckles.

Product Information

  • MRD Installation Instructions: Small or Large Size


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