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HPARS (Commercial Model)

High-pressure aviation refueling system for commercial use

HPARS: Military tough, commercial capable

Originally designed for use by military forces, SEI Industries’ High-Pressure Aviation Refueling System (HPARS) is now available for commercial use.

Best defined as a durable, portable method of fueling and de-fueling jet fuel to and from aircraft and fuel tanker trucks, the HPARS uses a self-priming centrifugal pump driven by an electric motor with filtration provided by a horizontal filter separator (per API 1581 5th).

Rated for a maximum flow rate of 750 liters (198 USG) per minute, the HPARS system controls fuel flow via a manually operated globe valve while a flow meter measures the amount of fuel delivered.

The system includes several safety features; it’s explosion proof (as per the Canadian electrical code), incorporates easy-to-use emergency stop buttons and controls that can be operated with large winter gloves and provides a deadman switch that can be used by operators during refueling. Fire extinguishers and a small spill kit are also included.

Contained in a steel weatherproof enclosure with its own lighting system, the HPARS is ready for deployment anywhere in the world.

HPARS sits on site in the arctic

An HPARS unit deployed in the arctic for a mining company’s use.


Advanced Features

  • Originally designed to meet tough Canadian military specifications
  • Provides high capacity pressure refueling
  • Roll up and cabinet style access doors provide easy access for operations and maintenance
  • All stainless steel piping
  • Explosion-proof lighting and controls
  • Explosion-proof electrical connectors
  • Three lug dry break connections
  • All buttons are large enough for heavy winter gloves
  • Provides ability to defuel aircraft to storage tanks
  • 750 LPM (198 USGPM) high pressure truck and aviation fill pump
  • Skid mounted, full enclosure, integral secondary containment
  • 208 volt, 3 phase 30 amp
  • Red/white LED low voltage lighting
  • 50’ powered hose reel
  • API 1581 jet fuel filtration
  • Sampling ports



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