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HPARS (Military Model)

Flexible support for aerial operations

High Pressure Aviation Refueling System (HPARS) – NSN 4320-20-002-4760

The 200 USGPM High Pressure Aviation Refueling System – or HPARS Military Model –  is designed to provide flexible support for aerial operations where fueling and de-fueling of aircraft and tanker trucks using NATO F34 fuel is required. HPARS is also designed to connect to the flexible tanks of the Fuel Storage and Distribution System (FSDS).

The system uses a self-priming centrifugal pump driven by an electric motor. Filtration is provided by a horizontal filter separator per API Group II Class B. A flow meter is included to measure the amount of fuel delivered and to determine the velocity of fuel flow during de-fueling operations.

The HPARS system is rated for a maximum flow rate of 800 liters (200 USG) per minute. A manually-operated globe valve controls flow. The exterior steel enclosure is painted in CARC (chemical agent resistant coating).


HPARS Military Model: Combat Tough

  • Designed for Canadian military specifications
  • Provides high capacity pressure refueling
  • Roll up and cabinet style access doors provide easy access for operation and maintenance
  • All stainless steel piping
  • Explosion-proof lighting and controls
  • Explosion-proof electrical connectors
  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC)


Advanced Features

  • NATO 3 Lug dry break connections
  • All buttons are large enough for heavy winter gloves
  • Provides ability to defuel aircraft to storage tanks
  • 750 LPM high pressure truck and aviation fill pump
  • Skid mounted, full enclosure, integral secondary containment
  • 208 volt, 3 phase 30 amp
  • Red/white LED low voltage lighting
  • 50’ powered hose reel
  • API 1581 jet fuel filtration
  • Sampling ports



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