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Tough, compact, transportable fuel modules

Remote Site Modules for Various Fuel Types

When there’s no fuel station for a thousand miles, now you can bring your own! Housed inside ISO containers, SEI Industries’ GO-Station fuel modules are capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system.

The concept is simple – provide a controlled, protected environment to house pumping, filtration, metering and dispensing equipment and build it tough!

Compact and portable, the GO-Station can be shipped by land, sea or air. It’s designed to withstand remote locations like Canada’s high arctic and engineered to be compatible with diesel fuel, jet fuel or lube oils (future models will also allow gas).

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GO-Station Features

  • All systems are housed in an insulated and heated 40’ ISO container. The container is divided in two sections to provide a separate electrical room and pumping room.
  • All electrical equipment and controls are in accordance with CSA standards Class 1 Div I explosion proof for hazardous locations.
  • The system has internal lighting and LED external lighting.
  • The GO-Station is equipped with a fire alarm and suppression system.
  • Each pumping system has two pumps in parallel to provide redundancy and maintain operations while servicing.
  • Emergency stop controls are positioned at all operator locations.
  • The truck loading system includes an overfill protection and electronic ground verification connection that is integrated with the system flow control valves.
  • Arctic-grade hose is provided with an API bottom loading coupler for safe connection to tanker trucks.
  • Vehicle fueling systems include automatic shutoff nozzles and breakaway couplings.
  • All hoses are mounted on power rewind hose reels.
  • Flow meters are provided with pulse counters for remote monitoring.
  • Strainers are provided at connection points to fuel storage tank(s).


How It Works

Inside the GO-Station, all of the necessary equipment to off-load bulk fuel, and then pump, filter and dispense it, is provided within the purpose-built ISO container. Special attention has been paid to ensure the GO-Station can withstand freezing Arctic conditions and remote locations.  Each component has been specifically chosen for the challenging task of operating in tough conditions.



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