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Fuel Tank Monitoring System

Accurate fuel tank monitoring in real-time

Consistent Measurement and Monitoring with TacFuels®

SEI Industries’ exclusive TacFuels fuel tank monitoring option is now available on its premium King series of collapsible fuel tanks (Arctic King, Desert King and Jungle King). The TacFuels system enables timely and accurate record keeping and provides daily local inventory reconciliation with audit and documentation trails. This innovative technological solution provides reliable and precise digital monitoring, removing the inconsistencies associated with manual measurement.

Using TacFuels data collection units, flow meters and fuel gauges combined with laptop and handheld computers operating TacFuels software, information from any tank can be shared across networks using secure communications. Alarm monitoring also alerts the operator to unwanted changes or potential issues with the tank.

Remote monitoring system now available for collapsible tanks (press release).

Read about fuel tank monitoring technology in Gas Oil Network magazine.


Fuel Tank Monitoring System Features

  • The fuel gauge can be easily installed or removed in a few minutes with no specialized tools.
  • The gauge acts as a direct replacement for an existing collapsible tank vent pipe.
  • Venting characteristics of the tank are not compromised by the sensor.
  • The fuel monitoring system has minimal power requirements.
  • All power and communications cables are connected via military style “quick” connect/disconnects.
  • Two types of reports are available: real-time and historical. Real-time reports display live data while historical reports are created from archived information.
  • Operators can easily toggle between graphical and table formats, depending on their individual preference.
  • Alarm monitoring alerts the operator to unwanted changes or potential issues with the tank.
  • Minimal support or maintenance is required for the system.


How It Works

Fuel Tank Monitoring with the TacFuels system works by taking hydrostatic pressure readings which are then adjusted for temperature. This data is collected and sent to a data unit that can be configured to support multiple fuel gauges.

Up to four gauges can be connected in series (daisy chained) from a single power and communications port on the data unit. For large installations or tank farms, multiple data units can be used.


Data Collection and Transfer

Laptop computers manage, reconcile and report inventories while handheld computers are used at the fuel point to request measurements and collect transaction data. Mobile computing reduces the errors associated with manual data recording and calculations from a paper-based process.

All recorded fuel tank monitoring data is uploaded to the laptop which automatically populates the transaction records into dedicated software.


Alarm Management

The TacFuels system provides the operator with pre-configured alarm settings for each tank which are enabled during installation. The powerful fuel tank monitoring software constantly monitors the system to check for conditions that may require immediate attention such as overfill or a decreasing level on a static tank.

When an alarm situation occurs, the operator is notified and an alarm summary display allows the operator to quickly acknowledge the alarm and find out why the alarm occurred. The system software also creates a historical file of all alarms and events.



Reports can be printed as required or scheduled to print at defined times such as at the change of an operator shift.



Trends are provided to show a graphical view of collected data over a particular time period. Operators can track trend data from a single tank, such as temperature, pressure, level, flow, volume, etc., or a generic trend track can be created to show any data collected in the TacFuels system, such as levels for four different tanks simultaneously.


Daily Reconciliation

TacFuels provides an inventory accounting ledger that assists site operators to accurately track, reconcile and report fuel inventory usage down to the vehicle level.

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