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FSDS Fuel System

Large scale fuel storage and distribution

Fuel Storage and Distribution System (FSDS) – NSN 4930-21-910-0723

The Fuel Storage and Distribution System (FSDS) is designed to provide safe, efficient storage and distribution for 360,000 liters of bulk fuel. The system comes with everything needed to set up an initial fuel storage system in two 20 ft. ISO containers. Designed to be rapidly deployed and ready to operate in all environments, the FSDS is ideal for combat support, green field camp installation and emergency humanitarian aid missions.

The tank farm consists of four 90,000 liter bladder tanks (Arctic King tanks*) suitable for the containment of fuels. They include four Insta-Berm frame-supported berms, Sunshades and RainDrains. A 100 US gallon-per-minute (GPM) electric-driven pump is used to fill the system and a 40 US GPM electric-driven pump is used for discharging fuel from the system. Both electric-driven systems have auxiliary fuel-driven units to be used in case of electric-power disruption or during initial deployment when electric power may not be available.

A filtration skid with a totalizing flow meter ensures that only clean fuel enters the system. Two dual hose reel skids with filtration and totalizing flow meters enable dispensing for up to four vehicles at a time. Various nozzles are provided to enable filling of ground vehicles, tanker trucks or small aircraft.

Portable secondary containment is provided for each mechanical skid. Flexible hoses are provided to connect the entire system together via manifolds built onto each filling and dispensing skid.

*Arctic King tanks may be substituted for Desert King tanks or Jungle King tanks, depending on location and climate of deployment.

Combat Tough

  • Designed for Canadian military specifications
  • Provides initial bulk fuel storage that can be increased as the mission footprint increases
  • Provides constant clean filtered fuels
  • Rapidly deployable with a small team
  • Provides transferring capabilities to small ground vehicles
  • Provides transferring capabilities to small aircraft
  • Provides bulk transferring to tanker trucks
  • Provides bulk receiving from tanker trucks
  • Operates in extreme environments
  • Enables storage and distribution of JP-8, F-34 and F-54 fuels (can be configured for other fuels).
  • Capable of receiving fuel while dispensing fuel with dedicated transfer pumps
  • System uses electric driven transfer pumps but contains diesel powered back up in the event of power loss
  • Includes all necessary tools for installation and maintenance
  • Includes all spare parts for emergency maintenance

Advanced Features

  • Turnkey system stored in 2 x 20’ sea containers
  • Four fuel bladders and containment berms
  • 360,000 liters total fuel storage
  • Seven pump skids, electric with diesel backups
  • 100 GPM fill pump x 2
  • 40 GPM dispense pump x 2
  • Filter/meter skid x 1
  • Meter/filter/hose reel skid x 2

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