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Reduce foam usage and increase coverage on fires with the Bambi Firesock

About the Firesock

The Firesock, when attached to the bottom of a Bambi Bucket, makes the bucket a more effective tool by providing dramatically improved coverage and suppression capabilities. Its simple design allows for improved coverage and increased drop accuracy as well as wider and longer drop patterns. The Firesock also reduces foam concentrate usage by up to 50%.

To use your Firesock, simply attach the quick connect links onto the bottom chain and it’s ready for action.  Please note: The Firesock is not included with Bambi buckets and must be purchased as an accessory.

How It Works

As water or foam passes through the Firesock’s heavy-duty industrial mesh fabric, it’s dispersed over the widest area possible – making it ideal for combating certain types of blazes such as grass and brush fires.

  • When used with a Sacksafoam injection system, the Firesock increases the aeration of the foam.
  • When used with straight water, the Firesock breaks down water droplets, thereby increasing the exposed surface area.

Firesock Features

  • Reduces foam concentrate usage by up to 50%.
  • Improves fire suppression capabilities.
  • Provides a 100% longer drop pattern.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty, durable mesh material.

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