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Fireflex Ground Firefighting

Firefighting water containment with the longest service life

About the Fireflex Product Group

The Fireflex product group has been providing wildland and rural firefighting organizations with reliable water containment solutions for more than 20 years. This line offers a variety of firefighting tools that are collapsible, easy to transport and quick to set-up.

Around the world, the Fireflex brand is recognized as reliable and durable with the longest life expectancy.  This service life, combined with quality industrial fabrics, allows operators to save on costs over the long term.


Featured Products

  • Fireflex’s Pumpkin Tank was the first frameless, collapsible, collared tank that eventually became the industry standard for water relay and dip tanks used by wildland fighting agencies today.
  • Effective on remote, steep, sloped terrain, the Stilwell Flyer is transportable by helicopter with long line delivery.  The tetrahedron shape of the Stilwell Flyer eliminates twisting and residual bounce in flight.  Available for standard water or potable water use, the Stilwell Flyer ensures safe and reliable transport of water to crews in remote locations.
  • Helitanks are designed for water delivery to ground crews in areas with limited water resources. The Helitank can be secured by a sling around a tree or stump and attached to two large ‘D’ rings on the uphill side.  Specifically designed for Type 2 helicopters and available in two sizes, the Helitank has proven to be the ideal tool for aerial water supply.
  • The FlexPak was one of the first lightweight collapsible water backpacks used by fire fighters for site mop-up.  In addition to its collapsible backpack tank, the FlexPak includes a hand pump for fire control which can be equipped with a reservoir for foam concentrate application. Currently, the FlexPak is in service in 82 countries worldwide.
  • Tender Tanks are ideal for transporting water to any location in the back of either a pickup truck or dump truck.  Tender Tanks are available in four sizes, each designed to fit perfectly into the truck bed.  The low profile design of each tank allows for even weight distribution while full baffles ensure maximum stability.  The heavy-duty PVC coated nylon fabric delivers durability and strength.


Category Numbers

  • Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS): 24-313-6116
  • Cage Code: 0CAE9
  • Procurement Business No (PBN): 104774930 PG0001
  • United Nations: 3226



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