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About the Premo and Dragon Product Lines
SEI Industries is delighted to offer two world-leading fire ignition product lines — Premo and Dragon Fire.  No matter what product you select, SEI provides outstanding sales, service and support to ensure job readiness and safe, effective burn operations.  Read on to discover more about these unique firefighting tools.


Dragon Fire Ignition Lights Up

The Dragon division of SEI Industries Ltd. was born in 2003 with the goal of developing an improved Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD).  Co-developed with Field Support Services, Dragon division products today offer a series of ignition dispensers (Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Pyroshot and Pyroshot HS) and vastly improved plastic ignition spheres (Dragon Eggs) that simplify the task of prescribed burning/back-burning while also allowing for improved efficiency and higher standards in operator safety.


Meet the Dragon Family

Dragon Eggs are a newly developed ignition sphere that represents a scientific advancement to the outdated plastic spheres of the past by improving consistency, reliability and burning dynamics.

From the Dragon Eggs concept came the Red Dragon– a vastly improved Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD).  The advantages of Dragon Eggs were quickly realized by other fire ignition product developers such as Field Support Services (FSS).  As a result, FSS introduced the revolutionary Pyroshot handheld launcher, which dispenses Dragon Eggs with precision and accuracy.  A second generation version, the Pyroshot HS, offers a regulated gas-powered option that launches spheres much further (up to 300 feet or 90 metres).

In 2009, the Green Dragon was introduced –a ground ignition launcher that is a fully automated PSD machine incorporating upgraded technology and user-friendly features that provide a broader range of burning capability while improving safety and performance in the field.  The Green Dragon tool is intended to supplement ground drip torch and aerial burning applications.

SEI’s Dragon division continually strives to generate new and innovative products that maximize productivity and efficiencies, while improving safety for end-users in the ignition industry.


SEI Welcomes Premo Fire Ignition

Welcome to all Premo equipment owners and users!  If you’re looking for sales, service or support for your Premo machine, you’ve come to the right place.  SEI Industries recently acquired the Premo product line of aerial ignition dispensers and spheres from VPL Enterprises Ltd.

“SEI is delighted to add the well-respected Premo product line to our firefighting division and we look forward to supporting Premo customers for many years to come,”says Mark Tayler, vice-president and general manager of SEI Industries.

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Meet the Premo Family

The Premo PSD is designed to work with most modern rotary wing aircraft including the Bell 206 and other flat floor models from various manufacturers.  Controls are easy to learn and operate and are designed to prevent the accidental release of ignition devices.  Before being expelled from the aircraft and landing in the target area, each sphere is injected with ethylene glycol to guarantee ignition seconds later.

Using potassium permanganate, Premo Fireballs release enough heat energy and deliver enough burn time to light difficult fuel sources in variable moisture conditions.  This ensures less gaps in your perfectly dropped fire line for maximum control in risky burn operations.

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