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Field Services

Dedicated remote site support and resources when and where you need it

What We Offer

SEI has years of experience engineering and manufacturing custom solutions for customers all over the globe. These solutions may be sophisticated or simple, depending on customer needs.

To support its product lines, SEI maintains a dedicated team of professional field support representatives (FSRs) to assist during the entire life of a project including installation, inspection, repair and decommissioning.


SEI can provide the following field services to complement any of its products:

  1. Mechanics for pump and generators
  2. Installation managers for fuel systems and secondary containment systems
  3. Installation engineers for permits and certifications
  4. Fabric welding and product repair
  5. Site inspection, maintenance and decommissioning
  6. Engineering services
  7. Drafting services
  8. Product training


SEI was incorporated in May, 1978. Since 1982, the company has focused its expertise on creating solutions most often used by the military and by exploration, utility, industrial, decontamination and humanitarian industries. Since then, SEI has built up a global agent network with two international offices and seven international repair facilities. Around the world, SEI products are in use in 110 countries.



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