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Bambi Cobra

Cobra Bambi Bucket

Customized features specifically designed for Cobra helicopters

About the Cobra Bambi Bucket®

The Cobra helicopter has a new best friend – the custom-designed Bambi Bucket model BB320C. This model functions as a complete “fly-away” system that provides fast initial attack, accurate water drops, and maximum capacity.

Lightweight and tough, the Cobra Bambi Bucket offers all of the features and benefits of the original Bambi Bucket design but is small enough to fit inside the cargo compartment without sacrificing bucket capacity. With its ability to deliver 324 USG (1225 L) of fire suppressant, the Cobra Bambi Bucket is the ultimate tool in initial attack.

Cobra Bambi Bucket Features and Options

  • Fits perfectly inside the Cobra cargo compartment.
  • Allows access to most water sources.
  • Reduces turnaround time and maximizes volume/hour performance.

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