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Bambi Bucket Accessories For Your Needs

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Bambi Bucket Accessories

Collapsible, lightweight, tough and easily stowed, the Bambi Bucket has proven itself worldwide as the most powerful and effective tool for aerial fire suppression, which there are numerous Bambi Bucket Accessories that can be added to her arsenal.

Today, more than 1,000 helicopter operators and fire fighting agencies in 110 countries rely on the Bambi Bucket. In fact, more than 90% percent of all heli-bucketing in the world is done with the Bambi Bucket.

Since fighting fires with helicopters is an expensive business, getting the most out of every drop is important to operators. That’s why it’s critical to match the right accessories with the right bucket. To help make your choices easier to understand, SEI has prepared a compatibility chart.

Accessories Compatibility Chart

Just click on the button below, find your model of bucket and then compare what accessories best suit your aircraft and mission profiles.

For example, the PowerFill Snorkel (an external pump) is ideal for standard or small Max Bambi Buckets such as the BB 1821 – 3542, and BBX 2024 – 3542. On the other hand, PowerFill Max (an internal 2 or 4 pumps) are only applicable to BBX 4453 and larger size buckets.

Bambi Bucket Accessories Compatibility Chart

Bambi Bucket Accessories Compatibility Chart

Bambi Accessories

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