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Bambi Aqualanche

Enhanced features and functions make the Aqualanche preferred equipment

About the Bambi Aqualanche™

The Bambi Aqualanche can be purchased as a complete bucket or as a valve (for retrofit purposes). Simple to install, the Aqualanche valve offers multiple dump capability, variable flow capability and unlimited, adjustable drop control for intermediate helicopters. The valve has low power requirements and is retrofittable to the original Bambi Bucket.

The ability to pre-select loads allows efficiency at both the dip site and over multiple hot spots which can be targeted by releasing portions of water over each one. The helicopter operator can also choose to unload as many separate drops as required.

Greater efficiency on each fuel cycle makes this a desirable piece of equipment prompting many firefighting agencies to request operators with these capabilities first and release them last. Most helicopter resource firefighting agencies in North America and Australia give preference to these bucket performance capabilities in their contracts.

Aqualanche Features

  • Multiple dump capability
  • Variable flow capability
  • Unlimited adjustable drop control
  • Purchase as a complete bucket including the valve or as the valve only with a retrofit kit to upgrade Bambi Bucket models BB1518 to BB4453
  • Retrofittable, add the Aqualanche valve to your existing Bambi Bucket
  • Simple to install
  • Low power requirements

Aqualanche Options

Accessories Compatibility Chart

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Bambi Bucket Accessories Compatibility Chart

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