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Bambi Foam Systems

Reliable foam injection that enhances drop effectiveness on the fireline

About the Sacksafoam™ Family

The Sacksafoam product line consists of foaming systems that allow operators to meet agency or end-user requirements for foam drops in aerial firefighting operations. There are three separate Sacksafoam products available depending on which Bambi Bucket system you are operating.

The Sacksafoam Bladder is a foam injection system designed for the transfer and dispensing of aerial firefighting foam, specifically designed to work in conjunction with the standard, single-dump Bambi Bucket and Bambi Multi-Dump buckets.

The Sacksafoam Heli-Case is designed for use with larger helicopters that use multi-dump Bambi Max or Bambi Torrentula™ buckets. Each foam system allows for precise, reliable foam injection to enhance your drop effectiveness on the fireline.

The Sacksafoam Plus is a fully enclosed reserve tank for the Sacksafoam Heli-Case. It provides additional foam storage for helicopters equipped with large Bambi Buckets (BB 5566 to HL 9800) to maximize firefighting capability by synchronizing refueling and foam refill cycles.

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